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"Presenter’s Podium is revolutionizing the way I work with students. They incorporate course content, they practice their delivery, they manage the distress of the final presentation, and they get warm, engaging, and helpful feedback from their classmates."

Ellen Farrell, PhD. Associate Professor - Sobey School of Business. Halifax, NS

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Build Your Course

It only takes a few short minutes to start and share a new assessment tool with your students. The intuitive design makes set up simple and easy.

Save Time

Leverage an intuitive peer evaluation system that will save you time, while engaging students in continuous feedback.

User Friendly

From the easy set-up, to exporting grades for your learning management system, to customization, you’ll enjoy the user friendly benefits of the platform.


Used for any course, Presenter’s Podium will provide you with an innovative tool that will aid in Instruction.

Track Development

Improve retention rates through discussion, learning by teaching, and practicing. Review and track student growth and development.


Our customer support team is available to guide you and your students along the way, through setup, customization, and administration of your course(s).

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